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About A Window To Wellness

"A Window To Wellness, LLC" is the direct result of many years of collective experience coming together to create what I believe to be the ideal model for outpatient psychotherapy. I have assembled a team of clinicians that best represents the clinical expertise necessary to meet the needs of an ever-changing landscape in mental health. Our clinical team is dedicated to providing top quality services while also remaining steadfast in our efforts to adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards in the industry.
I have worked in the mental health field in various capacities for 20+ years and have assumed a variety of clinical and administrative positions at all levels of care. My individual professional and personal journey has led me to this very point of wanting to bring the absolute best of what I have learned forward and offer what I believe is the most effective model for healing from within. I formed this practice grounded in the inspiration from an incredible team of people who share the vision and the mission of "A Window To Wellness, LLC", and I am most humbled by their support and commitment to the realization of my dream.

Most importantly, "A Window To Wellness, LLC" has been created for you. I want you to experience an inclusive, transformational and affirming clinical journey. I know therapy is hard and there are many stereotypes fighting against the notion of a positive experience. I have worked hard to create a nurturing and soothing environment and assembled a clinical team who embraces the notion of positive change and healing. The stereotypes will quickly fade away and your moment of awakening will gradually appear as you do the work necessary to facilitate your own growth and realization of your own potential. It is my privilege and honor to facilitate your physical, emotional and spiritual transformation, and I am most hopeful you find what you are seeking at "A Window To Wellness, LLC".

Mark J. Casagrande, LCSW
Owner and Private Practitioner
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Client Review & Testimonials

Whether you are a new, an existing or a past client of A Window to Wellness, we would love to hear from you and how you felt your experience was with our group and our exceptional providers. Share getting started with us, Share how you feel you have progressed, Share your success with us or anything else you think we should know.

These testimonials will always remain confidential to comply with HIPAA privacy guidelines and to ensure confidentiality. Once submitted they are emailed only to our the administrative team of the group for review of our services to ensure clients are always receiving the absolute best care from A Window to Wellness. You can opt to provide us with your full first/last name or just first/last initial, whichever you feel comfortable with. Provide your email &/or phone number if you would like us to follow up with you, though they are not required to leave a review.

Client Review & Testimonial
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What our clients say is extremely important to us, which is why we value their feedback. We're invested in making sure our clients are happy with all of the therapeutic services and support that we offer. Take a look at what some clients have said about their experiences and schedule your appointment today!

"Thanks so much Christine!! You’ve really been very helpful and thorough. I appreciate it more than you know. Sometimes this stuff can be intimidating and the process can be discouraging but you’ve both made this process much easier than I anticipated." ~Anonymous Client, May 2020

"Through Shanna and Patricia we have learned and practiced so many things to better ourselves and as couple and we thank you guys so much for pointing us in the right direction. And I have gotten so much for myself out of this and learned to be a better husband, father, and communicator. So again, please give Shanna and Patricia our most sincere thanks, we can’t wait to see where we go from here." ~Anonymous Client, Aug 2020

"You guys provide such a needed and valuable service to your clients.  Such great talent!" ~ Anonymous Client, Oct 2020

"Being in the presence of Kristin has such a calming effect...I truly appreciate the transparency that your office has shown and also the level of cleanliness your office worked so diligently to achieve. I've been holding your office as the "standard" for safety in my mind and all other offices have been failing to come close to.


My 14 year old daughter was even so impressed (which is hard to do) with how much cleaning is done between sessions, how there's no knick-knacks on the table, how you bought new furniture that can be wiped down. The next time we went to her therapist appointment somewhere else, my daughter said afterwards how she doesn't think that they're cleaning like my provider does in between. On the way home from that appointment she said she doesn't want to go in person again, we should go back to zoom... And she hates zoom even more than I do!


So, I'm trying to say thank you, for making your employees health and your patients health a priority. We see that you're doing this, not because of the things your office says... but because of what you do. Your actions speak louder than words. Just like that amazing sign that's on your bathroom door. That one action of putting that sign up speaks volumes about the healing environment your office wants to have and how you want everyone to feel safe and welcome.


Thank you for continuing to go above and beyond the "minimum requirements" to make my health and my family's health a priority." ~Anonymous Client, Oct 2020

"I have nothing but praise for your office and do recommend it to those in Newark whenever possible. Thank you so much for all your kindness [Christine] in the time I spent physically at the office, and thank you so much for all the work you do for AWTW's clients; you certainly made my therapeutic journey a better one!!" ~Anonymous Client, Dec 2020

Client Testimonials
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