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  • Appointment no shows or late cancellations of less than 24 hours notice: May result in an assessed fee of $75, not billable to your insurance. Please be mindful of the therapist’s time if you are unable to make your appointment and kindly give appropriate notice. 


  • Account Statements: Are not an expectation, but rather a courtesy when provided. Since clients should also receive notice of, or have access to, their explanation of benefits/remittances from their insurance(s) to provide such details, often 1-2 weeks prior to our office receiving the provider copy. It is the client's responsibility to communicate with the insurance company or the office to verify if there are financial occurrences periodically, as advised in most insurance agreements and provider offices, such as ours.


  • Financial Responsibilities: Clients are responsible for taking the initiative to process their copays/deductibles/coinsurances promptly through any means accepted by our office prior to, or shortly after each session to avoid accruing balances. Credit cards can be left on file for processing on client behalf if preferred, or payment agreements can be established if needed. Speak with Christine if interested in either option.

  • Appointment Reminders: Are only sent via email from our EHR system, approximately 2 days prior to a scheduled appointment. However, it will not reflect as a telehealth session specifically. So, when you see that the reminder indicates either of our office locations (Newark or Rehoboth Beach), please disregard the location detail when you know you are scheduled for a telehealth appointment.

Clients often need providers to complete forms, provide letters &/or request copies of their records. Our fees for such items are, per request:


  • Medical Record requests are based on printed pages, and other office assessed costs, not including postage fees

    • $2.00 per page for pages 1-10

    • $1.00 per page for pages 11-20

    • $0.90 per page for pages 21-60

    • $0.50 per page for pages 61 and above

      • Records requested by Law offices or Disability firms are subject to a base rate of $50 for copies​, unless the page total cost exceeds the base fee.

  • Form fees $50.00, per set

    • If records are required, the fees are indicated above and added

  • Letter fees $35.00


All providers reserve the right to modify fees based on the intensity, significance, or excessive time spent to complete request (letter/records/form(s)).

Requests will not be completed/submitted/provided until fees and account balances are paid to zero.

These fees are not covered or billable to your insurance.

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