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Our therapists are available to take new clients, however, some have advised that they are scheduling out further than others. While there may be exceptions for sooner openings, scheduling may be out by roughly 1-4 weeks – give or take – from receipt of completed paperwork, required card copies & insurance verifications. Scheduling hours range depending on the therapist's availability.


While all our providers are offering telehealth sessions, a few do offer in-person options as well. Since telehealth methods are being covered during the ongoing pandemic and going forward (post-pandemic) by the majority of insurance carriers, you do have the option to see therapists from either of our offices, if preferred, for as long as telehealth is covered by your insurance carrier. 

Helpful Scheduling Details:

  • If you are seeking couples- or family-work therapy, we will only need to have one client indicated for billing purposes, as we would not routinely bill insurance for multiple people attending a session.

    • If both parties decide or are suggested to seek individual work, then separate forms can be provided for each party for their individual therapy work.

  • If the client is a minor (under 18 years old), a parent or guardian must complete the paperwork.

  • If the client is not a minor (over 18 years old), the client must initiate and coordinate the scheduling on their own behalf

    • Except in cases of extenuating circumstances such as the power of attorney, guardianship, etc are in place

New Client Scheduling: Review the provider bios under the "Meet Our Team" tab, then email our office at or by clicking here:

Existing Client Schedule/Reschedule:

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