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Consenting to Telehealth Therapy


All clients who have chosen to conduct their therapy via telehealth with our providers are required to sign a consent to acknowledge the following details.


By choosing to facilitate your own, or your child(rens) counseling sessions via telehealth using a HIPAA compliant program with a therapist through “A Window To Wellness, LLC” as part of your/your child’s therapeutic process you have agreed and understand that:


Ø Telehealth video conferencing technology will not be the same as a direct patient/therapist visit due to the fact that I will not be in the same room as my therapist.

Ø I am to be online at least five minutes prior to the session, alone, in a quiet room, door closed. I can check in to the virtual waiting room of my therapist; in turn, my therapist will be promptly notified. My therapist will start our telehealth session within 5 minutes of our scheduled appointment time.

Ø If others are present during the session other than myself and my therapist, they will maintain the confidentiality of the information obtained. I further understand that I will inform, or be informed, of their presence in the session and thus either party will have the right to request the following: (1) omit specific details of my medical history/physical examination that are personally sensitive to me; (2) ask them to leave the room: and/or (3) terminate the session at any time.

Ø The alternatives to a telehealth session are in-office sessions and I have chosen to participate in telehealth sessions when in-office sessions cannot be arranged due to scheduling conflicts.


Also, understand the following limitations of telehealth video therapy sessions:

Ø Confidentiality should be treated like an in-office session: no outside distractions, turn off cell phones, maintain visual contact the entire time, close other programs on the computer and I will not be late.

Ø The telehealth platform used implements state-of-the-art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy are maintained. As a result, the practices telehealth service complies with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH requirements.

Ø The practices telehealth services work best with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and is accessible from desktop, tablet, and smartphone [Android & iOS].

Ø That there are potential risks to this technology, including interruptions, unauthorized access, and technical difficulties. I understand that my therapist or I can discontinue the telehealth visit if it is felt that the videoconferencing connections are not adequate for the situation.


Also, understand the following financial factors associated with my telehealth sessions:


Ø A Window to Wellness, LLC will submit billing to my insurance(s) for payment of my telehealth therapy sessions. And I understand that I am fully responsible for the cost of the services, as outlined by my insurance policy. I will remit payment for services either online, prior to my session, and/or provide your credit card information to be kept on file for payment processing to be done after sessions, in the event of deductible or coinsurances are applicable with my insurance policy.

Ø Telehealth sessions are only billable to insurance(s) when both parties are within Delaware limits according to their originating locations (addresses on file with insurance). Or in cases of prior authorization approval or pandemic amendments.

Ø I understand that I must cancel my scheduled telehealth session with at least 24 hours’ notice, the same as any other appointment. And that I am responsible for paying for any missed or late-canceled telehealth session in full, as outlined by the practice policy, before rescheduling my session.

Insurance Telehealth Coverage


During the COVID-19 emergency, Medicare and all commercial plans have significantly expanded telehealth coverage for all its members during active health concerns, to date. However, the information provided by A Window To Wellness IS NOT a guarantee of coverage for every plan, as there are exceptions that may apply. One exception is that clients who live out-of-state from the servicing provider's licensed state(s) may require authorization to continue therapy via telehealth. Clients are responsible for determining if their policy is allowing telehealth services to continue, if any exceptions apply to their specific plan or if the out-of-state exceptions are applicable to them, and for obtaining any required authorization to receive telehealth services covered by their insurance. If an authorization is not obtained, the clients will be responsible for the sessions out-of-pocket in full if denied.

The following information is from general health plan guidance as advised by the major plans indicated, client-specific policies may differ. We will update this information as often as possible.

Update of telehealth coverage as a result of the current COVID-19 Pandemic; updated 7/27/21

  • Optum/UHC/AARP/Etc. - covered through 9/30/2021

These carriers have implemented telehealth therapy as routine coverage,

same as in-person therapy, indefinitely/until stated otherwise; as of 7/27/21:

  • Carriers with EAP Services

  • Aetna, Aetna Student Plans, Aetna Medicare

  • BCBS

  • Cigna

  • ComPsych

  • Humana

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid Managed Care Organizations [AmeriHealth Caritas & Health Options]

  • Tricare/Tricare East/Humana Military

Do not rely solely on this information, as it is not a guarantee for all plans. If you would like to confirm telehealth coverage with your specific insurance carrier, please call and check with your insurance company directly regarding telehealth coverage under your specific policy; the phone number for member services is often found on the front or back of your insurance card. If your insurance does not cover telehealth, you can pay out of pocket for your telehealth session.

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