Services & Scheduling

"A Window To Wellness, LLC" offers outpatient psychotherapy for the individual, families and couples across the lifespan, led by a highly qualified and deeply experienced team of licensed clinicians well versed in evidence-based practices, including walk & talk therapy. We have two great locations, in Newark, DE and Lewes, DE.
We accept all insurances, whether in or out of network, and we do our best to verify client benefits and/or establish single case agreements, if necessary, to provide the details to our clients so that they can be aware of their financial responsibilities, if any. Although, we do not remit to auto or workmen's comp insurances for therapeutic services.
We work hard to ensure you receive exceptional care from the moment you contact us and walk through our door , going forward. Our clinical team treats most clinical diagnoses and psychiatric issues, and will assist you with referrals outside of the practice if we cannot provide the specific treatment modality you are seeking.
Please review our "Meet Our Team" page to read about our clinical team's areas of expertise for further information. Our practice manager, Christine, will assist you with any questions you may have about insurance, scheduling, verification of benefits, qualifications, location and clinical availability. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your interest in "A Window To Wellness, LLC".
  • If you are seeking couples- or family-work therapy, we only need to have one client indicated for billing purposes, as we would not routinely bill insurance for multiple people attending a session.

    • If both parties decide or are suggested to seek individual work, then separate forms can be provided for each party.

  • If the client is a minor (under 18 years old), a parent or guardian must complete the paperwork

  • If the client is not a minor (over 18 years old), the client must initiate and coordinate the scheduling on their own behalf

    • Except in cases of extenuating circumstances

  • If you have more than one insurance, be sure to provide information for each carrier as requested to ensure our records are correct for billing purposes.

    • Indicate the order of submission correctly (primary, secondary, tertiary, etc.)

  • Appointment no shows or late cancellations of less than 24 hours’ notice, may result in an assessed fee of $50, not billable to your insurance. Please be mindful of the therapist’s time if you are unable to make your appointment and kindly give appropriate notice. 


  • A Window To Wellness accepts all insurances, whether in- or out-of-network. When benefits and eligibility are obtained and verified, it is not a guarantee of payment, as in- or out-of-network factors may apply; details are subject to change per any insurance policy and guidelines. Plans may include one or more of the following to the client responsibility per session: copay, coinsurance, deductible. A copay is a flat fee that you pay for certain health care services. A coinsurance is a way for you to share your health care costs with your insurance company, based on a percentage. A deductible is the total amount that you must pay before your insurance company begins contributing. Your deductible, coinsurance, and/or copay are considered out-of-pocket costs. In other words, they are health care expenses that you, the client, are responsible for, per the contract with your insurance policy. 

New Client Scheduling: Review the provider bios under the "Meet Our Team" tab, then email our office at or by clicking here:

Existing Client Schedule/Reschedule:

  • Contact your provider directly by email or by calling 302-294-6950

  • Follow the prompts to dial by extension or first name.

  • Email our office at or by clicking here:


Client Paperwork

Since transitioning to remote work in March 2020, as a result of COVID-19, we have shifted our paperwork to be more contactless and electronically efficient. We now send all of our clients forms via email for electronic completion, which would typically be required to complete in-office. Our system will allow you to provide the necessary information for scheduling, updates, authorizations and other such needs, securely and all at once.


The documents will come from “Adobe Sign” using email address Be sure to check your junk/spam email boxes if you do not find it in your regular inbox. You will be able to review, initial and sign the forms almost immediately, the form(s) must be returned electronically through the process in which they are received for e-signature audit report to be established for our records. Forms should not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Our forms are designed to be inclusive for clients of all ages/gender/preferences/etc. If the line items do not pertain to you, then you can simply skip over them.

NEW Client Paperwork, Quick Reference: 


  • Intake Form, page 1 "New Client Demographics Form"

    • Complete required sections applicable to you/your child

    • Read & initial the authorization items at the bottom

    • Sign & date

  • "Guidelines & Policies"

    • Review pages 1-3

    • On page 4, read & initial each of the acknowledgement

      • Skip the "personal representative section", if you are not completing the forms on behalf of the client/minor

      • For section "Treatment Authorization", write your name on authorization line and indicate who services are authorized for

    • Sign & Date

  • "Financial Policy"

    • Review the upper portion of form

    • Read & initial the authorization items at the bottom

    • Sign & print name, date & indicate relationship to client

  • "Teleconsent"

    • Review & initial each section

    • Sign & print name, date & indicate relationship to client

  • "HIPAA", a standard copy given by all medical offices for your records

  • Provide a copy of the front & back of your insurance card(s) and your (or parents, if client is a minor) drivers license/ID via email or fax  

EXISTING Clients, Additional Paperwork:


  • "Release of Info (ROI)", can be used for example, to authorize communications between providers in/out of our group, request records, authorize communications with parties pertaining to financial matters and such.

  • "Client Information Update Form", to be used when clients demographic &/or insurance(s) change. If changes in insurance, be sure to provide new card(s) for copying.

  • "Credit Card Authorization Form", can be completed to leave a credit card payment method on-file for processing.

Established clients requesting paperwork:

Contact Christine via email by clicking here, be sure to advise the necessary paperwork you need provided: 

Clients often need providers to complete forms, provide letters &/or request copies of their records. Our fees for such items are:


  • Medical Record requests are based on printed pages, and other office assessed costs, not including postage fees

    • $2.00 per page for pages 1-10

    • $1.00 per page for pages 11-20

    • $0.90 per page for pages 21-60

    • $0.50 per page for pages 61 and above

      • Records requested by Law offices or Disability firms are subject to a flat rate of $50 for copies​

  • Form fees $35.00, per set

    • If records are required, the fees are indicated above and added

  • Letter fees $15.00


All providers reserve the right to increase fees based on the intensity, significance or excessive time spent to complete request (letter/records/form(s)).

Requests will not be completed/submitted/provided until fees and account balances are paid to zero.