COVID-19 Related Updates: 

(Newest updates reflected first.)

> Client Health Notice 1/01/21:

Our office will continue to exclusively provide therapy via telehealth into the 2021 year. We are hoping for a return to in-person options of May 1st. This date has been chosen as a result of the recently extended COVID-19 Pandemic-related State of Emergency, currently set for April 20, which we know is subject to change. This is solely dependent upon infection numbers, vaccine distributions to those willing to get them and, of course, the state of emergency recommendations.


Down the line, hybrid options will be open, depending again on the factors noted and both, the clinicians' and client’s, firm adherence to the necessary protocols to ensure a safe environment and reduce contamination concerns. Hybrid options would refer to minimal providers working in office at one time to keep numbers down between providers and clients in the offices at one time. As well as potentially staggering appointments to minimize too much traffic at one time, which makes the distancing requirements harder to accommodate. We will reach out when that time has come to discuss what these arrangements will/may look like.

As always, we wish you peace, calm and safe harbor during this difficult time. We are here to help any way possible. Please don't hesitate to e-mail Christine your questions, comments and/or concerns. Stay safe and take care of yourself and others.


> Client Health Notice 10/9/20:

As as a result of yet another round of positive COVID-19 exposures in each of our Delaware offices (Newark and Rehoboth Beach), we have decided to close our offices to in person sessions to allow time for quarantine and the deep cleaning of our offices. However, due to the current increase in cases and hospitalizations in the state of Delaware, as well as concerns about the convergence of the approaching flu season and the general public going indoors due to the cold weather, we have decided to revert to telehealth only for the remainder of the year to ensure safety of our clients, ourselves and our families. Insurance companies had anticipated the rise of the infections to reoccur and have approved telehealth services until December 31. We are hopeful to return to the offices come the new year, 2021.


As it stands, ALL providers are returning to virtual therapy exclusively, effective 10/9/20 through at least 12/31/20. The majority of our clients are primarily using telehealth for therapy comfortably. However, we are sensitive to understand the impact this can have on the few clients who prefer in person therapy. We do apologize for the inconvenience this may impose but this is the best decision for the providers, their families and of course, the clients of A Window To Wellness. If, at any time sooner we can safely and in good conscience return to in person therapy, we will do so and notify our clients accordingly. We wish you peace, calm and safe harbor during this difficult time. We are here to help any way possible. Please don't hesitate to e-mail Christine your questions, comments and/or concerns. Stay safe and take care of yourself and others.

> Client Notice 5/30/20:


Regarding telehealth vs in-person therapy and post COVID-19 office procedures

As we have been able to verify, insurances have approved to continue telehealth post COVID-19, many into end of July or September 2020. While both of our offices will be physically open to in-person therapy availability as of Monday, 6/1/20, many of our providers may continue to provide telehealth either in place-of or in addition-to in person therapy session availability. Providers will be contacting existing clients to communicate what their schedules will be going forward from June.

  • Post COVID-19 Office Procedures, Until Further Notice

    • Providers, Staff & Clients must wear masks (properly worn) for the duration of their time within the office, No Mask = No Entry, No Service

    • Clients must arrive on time, early entry will not be allowed, providers will let their clients enter once they have completed their cleaning process (clients are not to enter the suites until their provider acknowledges them enter; please do not follow entry upon another client entering or exiting)

    • Providers are required to keep their sessions limited to 45-50 minutes, to allow providers time to clean & disinfect the office(s) between sessions, clients must leave promptly

    • Unless appointments are for couples or family therapy work, guests cannot attend sessions NO parents/children/guests are to wait in the lobby—they must wait for clients in their vehicle -- the lobby area is to be empty between sessions

    • Providers & Clients should maximize physical distance and remain six (6) feet apart from each other, as best as possible, and should regularly wash their hands with soap & water and/or use sanitizer frequently

    • Clients must stay home if they are experiencing an elevation in temperature and related symptoms as published on the CDC website

    • The beverage/snack area has been shut down, and all magazines have been removed until further notice

> Client Notice 3/19/20: 


We have decided to close both office locations, effective immediately, to all in-person sessions, thus shifting all providers to provide care through telehealth services at 100%, to minimize further disruption to care. This decision was not so easily decided but after careful consideration as a result of the growing developments, coupled with Governor Carney’s and the DE Department of Public Health’s urging to health providers to shift to telehealth more immediately rather than waiting to be directed to do so. It is ultimately the best decision for the team of A Window To Wellness and our clients. For now, we have not determined a re-open date, but providers and clients can be assured that services can still continue remotely to ensure care. Clients will receive an email from management regarding steps to take for using telehealth with their provider.

> Client Health Notice 3/12/20:


With the recent news regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we respectfully ask that you cancel your appointment(s) if you are or feel ill. We will be happy to reschedule you once you feel better. We are doing our best to help reduce the spread of germs to ensure your health, safety and well-being as well as for our team. Additionally, we also ask that for the time being that you process your payments using our pay online feature; which can be done from our lobby in a matter of 1-2 minutes. Office staff or your Provider can confirm your copay or balance for you, if needed. We appreciate your understanding.